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Thermion Company: Abstracts of published papers (1996-1997)

Title:   Novel High Performance Thermoelectric Microcoolers with Diamond Substrates
Authors: Vladimir A. Semeniouk, J.-P. Fleurial
Published: Proceeding of XVI International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT'97), Dresden, Germany, p. 683-686
Abstract: The concepts discussed in previous papers [1-3] have been implemented in novel miniature thermoelectric coolers (TECs) with diamond substrates. Micromodules with TE legs 0.2mm long and 0.4x0.4mm2 in cross-section were developed. A maximum temperature difference of 67K was obtained, a value comparable to the ones obtained for commercial TECs with TE leg length of 1mm and higher. Heat flux densities of 70W/cm2 at cold junctions were achieved. Taking into consideration the hot side thermal resistance, the minimum TE leg length was calculated. It was found that using high thermal conductivity substrates allows miniaturization of the TE legs near its lower theoretical limit defined by electrical contact resistance only. Cold side heat flux densities in excess of 100W/cm2 can be attained in such coolers. This makes them ideal to solve thermal problem of high density localized heat sources such as power amplifiers, microprocessors and other power electronic devices which are already operating at the edge of their reliability.

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Title:   Modeling and Minimization of Intercascade Thermal Resistance in Multi-Stage Thermoelectric Cooler
Authors: Vladimir A. Semeniouk, Dmitri B. Bezverkhov
Published: Proceeding of the XVI International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT'97), Dresden, Germany, 1997, IEEE (1998) 701-704.
Abstract: The problem of achieving highest temperature difference DT in cascade thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is solved with consideration of intercascade thermal resistance. The model of three-dimensional heat spread in substrates is considered. Existence of substrate optimum thickness corresponding to highest DT is established. It is shown that correct choice of substrate configuration permits to receive considerable increase in TEC efficiency. In particular, it concerns short-legged TECs having extremely high heat flux densities.

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Title:   Thermoelectric Coolers with Small Response Time
Authors: Vladimir A. Semeniouk, Tatyana V. Pilipenko
Published: Proceedings of XV International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT'96), Pasadena, CA USA, p. 301-306
Abstract: The method of evaluation of cascade thermoelectric cooler transient response is described. To check the theoretical model experimental research of a wide range of single-stage and multi-stage TE coolers was carried out. The fast response coolers providing the achievement of 90% of steady-state temperature difference for the time from 1.2 to 6.2 s have been developed. The limit speed of thermal response for cascade coolers is predicted.